Time for another round of reviews. This time I focus it on two products that give the spotlight to the goddess of Eilistraee. Eilistraee is the daughter of Corellon and Lolth. After the conflict between her parents was over she followed her mother into the Demonweb Pits. Not because she believed she was right but to be a beacon of light for the elves that became the drow.
Back in AD&D I played a drow thief who slowly changed towards her, this was also the time when I fell for the drow as a whole. Coming from the Dark Eye they were completely different than the elves I knew. Sure D&D elves are in general different to those of the Dark Eye, but high and wood elves weren’t that special in my point of view. Of course, everyone told me about Lolth etc. but I first encounter the broader spectrum when a friend lent me his copy of Drow of the Underdark and up to today it is my absolute favorite background book. So from there started my fascination with the drow and Eilistraee in particualar.

So when I finally was able to play a drow or the drow again in 5e I looked around for current material. Being away from D&D for a long time I needed an update of things. A bigger update than what the official books provided. So I looked over the DMs guild and found the following two releases. Like last time, by clicking on the covers you will be directed towards the DMs guild page, where you will find the reviews as well.

EILISTRAEE, Lady of the Dance by Johnny Tek

I had hoped this to be a bit longer, but like the product it is short. On 9 pages (without title) you get everything you need to know. Her personal history, her allies and enemies. Information about her clergy as well as her dogma. To round everything up you get two new feats one for clerics one for paladins to form stronger ties to their believes as well as two new spells. The feats look a bit too powerful to me when I compare them to official feats. The spells seem okay, I haven’t been able to use them yet, so I can’t really say something about their strength.


The Dark Maiden beckons: On the drow goddess Eilistraee and her Faith by Tommaso Sammarco

This one goes a lot deeper than the first one. It also got all the information and even more character material. I really like the detailed information her. However there is something that disturbs me a bit and that are the page long, I don’t know, sidebars. For me this disrupts the reading experience since I have to go back and forth in the document and I kind of feel it cancels out the purpose of a sidebar. If they are not ment to be sidebars than I find it even more confusing to have to two texts in two columns over more than one page. I feel that could be made better.  On the other hand I really like the source index. There is a lot of information out there and to see where it came from in this PDF is great. Also that you have bookmarks and functioning links is also a nice to have.
Except a background and a magic item all character material is a second pdf which is okay. Personally I have no problem if they were merged together. Here you get options for clerics, paladins and bards. They look solid and not overpowered. Same goes for the spells and feats. A bit confusing maybe is that all versions of the Sword Dancer (Domain) are included, the current one should be enough in my opinion. Yet, it is not really a deal breaker. The final nice touch is that the used artwork is also included separately.


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